What is it ?
This update makes iR Shell more compatible with CFW 3.90 M33. It skips the firmware check implemented by AhMan and will also allow you to install the No-UMD ISO compatibility patch under CFW 3.90 M33. The relevant info has been available on this forum for a couple of days now but I have finally been able to reach AhMan to allow me to post the edited files.

Many thanks to alejandroues for finding the missing link !!! And AhMan for allowing me to post the edited files, of course.

Note: Please be aware that some functions may not work properly and this solution is not fully supported !

Note 2: If you want to use the 3.71 memory stick driver under 3.90 M33 then you must apply this patch here before you install the memory driver.


If you already have iR Shell 3.9 installed:

  1. Copy the “IRSHELL” folder from this archive to the root of your memory stick – OVERWRITE the files already there.
  2. Install the 3.90 M33 No-UMD patch by following the instructions in the User Guide. The patch for 3.90 M33 is in /IRSHELL/PATCH/3.90